The King Socks

(Be careful how you say that!)


Here are some testimonials from our customers that might help answer some questions you might have...

Royally Comfortable!

I have owned 2 pairs (one red and black, one green and dark green) of The King's Socks for a few years now. The year I bought them I was a little wary - I am a plus sized girl (size 20-22), and most "average" sizes don't fit me. The socks were just so perfect for me, and so inexpensive, that I gave them a try anyway.

I am so glad I did! Literally years later, and I'm wearing my red and black striped socks today. There are no holes, no stretching out or falling down - and the best part for a plus size girl? I can get them over my knee, they don't fall, and they don't cut off my circulation at the tops.

I wear mine with costumes, and everyday attire! You will not regret your purchase of these super comfortable, long lasting, great looking socks!

Rosie W.

Photo Shoot


My friends and I absolutely love your socks. Not only are they warm and comfy, but they are sooo fun! Thank you for the quick shipping and great communication

Vicky Brittany

Email Testimonial


Is there a place I can leave a review? I love my socks, and they're the first ones I've ever been able to get above my knee thay actually stay there, and they're really comfortable too!